Case In Point

Using Beatty and Company's virtualized IT solutions, businesses have reduced their energy consumption by as much as 30%, with some realizing a cost savings of as much as $20 million dollars by reducing the energy needed to power and cool their desktops.

Discover the Savings

Our thin client desktop virtualization solutions save money by reducing operational costs and energy requirements. To learn more about how we can help your company’s bottom line, today for an initial consultation.

Dynamic Desktop on Demand

In the face of fierce economic pressures and skyrocketing energy costs, today's companies are clamoring for energy-efficient computing methods that will allow them to distribute, manage and protect their data - safely and seamlessly - while maximizing their budgets. Until now, solutions have been elusive.

Beatty and Company uniquely addresses these challenges with a dynamic "desktop on demand" that enables you to safely and easily share any data with any client under any operating environment. This groundbreaking approach to industry leading thin client solutions not only delivers exceptional return on investment, but reduces your environmental impact in the process.

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